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January mornings

Bicycle commute in January, Tampere 2022

This week I want to share some photos from my January morning walks.

January morning are dark. The sunrise is at about 9am. We have already passed the shortest day of the year which is on 21. December, but early morning are still with night darkness and streetlights.

I take our dog for a walk at about 7:15 and in early January i took with me also my camera. I wanted to take photographs of the path I walk every day in the forest and the park along the lake.

The streetlight with ice on them. The snow-covered party. The signposts standing alone in the cold.

Few people pass by on their bicycles on the way to work. The have halogen lights on. Multilayered sport clothes he’s to keep them warm.

We usually see 4-5 other dog owners out for the morning walk. Sometime they get closer and let the dogs meet and sniff at each other. Sometimes they prefer to stay away. We exchange few words to greet each other, with a good day, and then continue walking along the path.

Yeas, the morning in January at dark, but the days are getting longer and over the next few weeks the lights will get brighter and brighter until when the night will disappear completely.

Park bench

Park bench, Tampere 2022

The snows has been falling for several days. The snow machine move during the night to keep the paths cleared. They do that night after night. They move the snow on the side of the paths. There is this bench I pass by every morning. It is half submerged as the snow gets higher and higher. It sits at the edge of the light circle from a lamp post which is alarmingly diagonal. The bench seems trapped and unable to provide the sitting place it is meant to provide. In the meantime the snow continues to fall as we are entering the month of February.

Sicilia /5

As Goethe once wrote: ‘Sicily is the key to everything.’ I travelled there for the first time in April 2018. Something I had postponed for too long. I walked in the streets of Noto and felt the history of the city. I felt in my own country, somewhere I knew, and, at the same time, somewhere new, somewhere where there is a lot I need to explore.

Noto 2018
Noto 2018
Noto 2018
Noto 2018

Onnea Rovaniemi / Happy Birthday Rovaniemi

On our way back from Lapland we had a stopover in Rovaniemi. We had enough time to visit the Arktikum, the science centre and museum about northern nature and culture. In one of the side rooms the museum has a photo exhibition about the 60 years of the city of Rovaniemi. It is a very simple display. One TV screen shows a slideshow of black and white photos about the 60 years of the city. I sat and started to watch it. I took my camera and started to take photos of the photos I was seeing. They are very nice images of everyday life, people and their jobs, sport, music, concerts. A great set of images about the city and its citizens.

You can see the images below. The images are straight out of the camera. The only edit has been the change of format from RAW into JPG. I have not cropped any image nor changed resolution or contrast.

At least one image a day

Stockholm metro

The Stockholm Underground (tunnelbana) opened in 1950, and today the system has 100 stations in use, of which 47 are underground and 53 above ground. Traffic in underground moves on left-hand side, because cars still drove on the left in Sweden when the underground system opened.

In 2017, the underground carried 353 million passengers, which corresponds to 1,2 million in a normal weekday. The 105.7-kilometre-long underground system has been called ‘the world’s longest art gallery’, with more than 90 of the network’s 100 stations decorated with sculptures, rock formations, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings and reliefs by over 150 different artists. (Wikipedia)

Stockholm 2019
Stockholm 2019
12:09, Stockholm 2019
Waiting for the train, Stockholm 2019
Olympics, Stockholm 2019

At least one photo a day

And now Stockholm

The train was riding smoothly. Not too full. Only few people standing. It was difficult to tell the age of the man sitting few rows from me. he was probably younger than he looked. Scrappy beard. Worn out baseball hat. Oversize jeans. Old jacket. Metal rings to his hands. A bottle of beer half full in his right hand.

The was talking aloud but not anyone in particular. The other passengers let him speak. At one point he put the bottle between his feet and kicked it. The beer started to flow on the floor of the carriage. Passengers lifted their feet and took their bags. He began to speak with a loud voice. Getting angrier. The people next to him stood up and moved away which made him apparently angrier. He pointed his hands towards some of the other passengers and shouted things I could not understand.

All the seats next to him were empty now. Only one person remained sitting. A young girl. Who had taken the earplugs off and began to talk talk to him. He first shouted to her btu stopped almost immediately looking almost surprised that a young teenager would not be scared by his behaviour and anger fit. She spoke with a soft tone. No judgment. No anger. The train stopped. Two security guards appeared and took the man out from the train. He did no resist them. Before leaving the carriage he gave a last look at the young girl who was still sitting alone and was putting the earplugs back on.

Stockholm, Sweden 2019
Stockholm, Sweden 2019
Stockholm, Sweden 2019
Stockholm, Sweden 2019

At least one photo a day


This image is about modern architecture
Oodi Central Library, Helsinki (2019)

You walk down the stairs from the old Central Post Office, in between the Kiasma museum. You turn the corner and the new Oodi library suddenly appears.

It reminds me of an old piece of wood that has travelled a long time, carried by waves and the currents across lakes and rivers and that has finally reached a shore where somebody has picked it up and brought it home.

One photo a day

Streets of Kampot

I took these photos in 2001 or 2002. I do not remember well. They have a low exposure. They were the first days of digital cameras and i remember having a memory card of just few Mb. I was in Kampot. in the South of Cambodia, for a language course. It was the beginning of the forus years I spent in Cambodia my family.

Santa Lucia, Honduras

Last Sunday I went for an afternoon walk to Santa Lucia. It is a small village about 15 km out of Tegucigalpa. There was a nice bright light. The sun was shining, but it was not too hot. Families were in restaurants having lunch and enjoying the good time together. It was a nice day.



Cremona old town



Il Duomo

Il Duomo

Le due colonne

Le due colonne

Il Torrazzo

Il Torrazzo




Caffè Tubino

Caffè Tubino

The old center of Cremona on a December afternoon. All photos taken with iPhone Se and edited with Snapseeds.

Lahti railway station

An unassuming railway station where the long distance trains which run north-south-north stop to let passengers catch the trains that run to the east. Now that it is winter, passengers seem unsure whether to wait for their next train on the platform or taking refuge, if only for few minutes, in the station building next to the ticket counters and the café.


Outside on the platform, people are waiting their next train wrapped in their thoughts. Some will soon be home. Others have a long way to go. All in that strange no-man zone which is a transit railway station.


The lamp post

I have been living in Southeast Asia for the last 15 years. Now I am back in Europe and it is lovely to feel the winter again here in Finland. With the first snow it was to take a walk along the path behind our house and capture the Nordic winter atmosphere. The photo is taken with the Panasonic G85, handheld.  The lens is the Panasonic Lumix 25mmm f1.7.


The small shop down the road

Every neighborough in Jakarta has these small shops down the road where one can run to and buy mobile phone credits (pulsa), a soft drink, the three in one powder mix to prepare a milk coffee. The shop in the photo is down our road. It is family run. Open from early morning to late evening seven days a week.

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