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Streets of Ferrara

Piazza, Ferrara 2019
Rotonda Foschini, Ferrara 2019
Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara 2019
Old town, Ferrara 2019
Old town, Ferrara 2019

Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore

The church was founded in 1137 on the site of another church from the 8th century dedicated to St Mary, which had been in turn erected over a Roman temple of the Clemence. The high altar was consecrated in 1185 and in 1187 the presbytery and the transept wings were completed. Due to financial troubles, the works dragged for the whole 13th–14th centuries. The bell tower was built from 1436 (being completed around the end of the century), while in 1481–1491 a new sacristy added after the old one had been destroyed by Bartolomeo Colleoni to erect his personal mausoleum, the Colleoni Chapel.

In 1521, Pietro Isabello finished the south-western portal, also known as Porta della Fontana. The edifice was restored and modified in the 17th century.

Santa Maria Maggiore, Bergamo 2019
Santa Maria Maggiore, Bergamo 2019
Santa Maria Maggiore, Bergamo 2019

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Street photos and churches from Crema

As every Sunday, I post the photos of the week in the Galleries page of the blog. Thank you for following and for the Likes.

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Old city of Cremona

As every Sunday, I post the photos of the week in the Galleries Section of the blog. Thank you for following and for the Likes.

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The part of Italy where I come from is really flat.It is the Po Valley, Po Plain, Plain of the Po, or Padan Plain. It is a major geographical feature of Northern Italy. It extends approximately 650 km (400 mi) in an east-west direction, with an area of 46,000 square kilometres (18,000 sq mi) including its Venetic extension not actually related to the Po river basin; it runs from the Western Alps to the Adriatic Sea. 

These photos were taken on the train from Cremona to Crema

Po Valley, 2019
Po Valley, 2019

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Downtown Cremona

Cremona is an old city in the North of Italy. I was born there and lived there, more or less, until 1996. When I go back it is always a nice to walk along the streets that leads to downtown, to the piazza. Many things have changed but few have remained. The Old Libreria Spotti is still there. The streets of the old city center have the same cobblestones. People take a walk in the city centre before going home for dinner. Bars are open for an aperitivo.

Libreria Spotti, Cremona, 2019
Senso vietato, Cremona, 2019
Alle due colonne, Cremona, 2019

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To the old primary school

These are few photos from the short walk to the old primary school in Niinikumpu (first picture at the top). The school has not been in use for many years as there are not enough children to attend it in the area. I think the school building has been sold to a family who now lives there.

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The first day of the year

The first day of the year (Hyväslami, Finland)

I woke up. Put on my boots and windbreaker and walked down to the lakeshore. The ice cover had thickened over the night and thin layer of dry snow had covered the ice sheet overnight. It was chilly this morning but the air was clean and crispy. A nice way to wake up. Welcome 2020!

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Bye bye 2019

Last sunset of the year in Ihamaniemi (Enonkoski)

Last sunset of the year. The temperature is dropping quickly. The ice on the lake is thickening and the lake send strange sounds of bubbling water and ice cracking for long distances and with echos that travel the hills.

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I took these pictures during the walk around the hill of Niinikumpu. The electricity poles standing in the middle of snow covered fields seemed to stand in solitude against the winter.

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People walking near Niinikumpu (Kitee)

There are few hours of day light in December in Finland. That is why during the holidays it is important to take advantage of those few hours and go tor a walk.

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The tree line

Mi misi a camminare lungo la strada che gira attorno alla collina di Niinikumpu con lo sguardo rivolto al cielo. La nevicata era imminente, ma speravo che non mi sorprendesse a metà strada. Il cielo era di un grigio liscio e monotono. Sembrava che la neve si fosse accumulata tra le nubi e le avesse fatte scomparire. Alla prima svolta a sinistra decisi di proseguire. Se la nevicata fosse iniziata avrei affrettato il passo. Tanto sapevo che la sauna sarebbe stata pronta al mio ritorno e sarei riuscito a scaldarmi velocemente. Passai la casa di alcuni vicini che non avevo mai visto e dei quali non conoscevo il nome. Sulla sinistra la loro casa ad un piano di mattoni. Stonava con il vecchio garage di legno dipinto di rosso. A destra della strada la vecchia stalla che era inutilizzata da anni ed era in uno stato completo abbandono. Sapevo che non avevano mai avuto un cane, ma come sempre mi sentii sull’attenti come se da un momento all’altro potesse saltare fuori un muovo cane da guardia. Accelerai il passo verso il bosco di betulle.

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Winter landscape in Niinikumpu / 7

Farmhouse, Niinikumpu (Kitee)
Wooden barn, Niinikumpu (Kitee)
Birch trees, Niinikumpu (Kitee)

The weather is changing. It is getting colder. The forecast for after tomorrow gives heavy snow.

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Winter landscape in Niinikumpu / 6

Empty house (Niinikumpu, Kitee – Finland)

People are moving to towns. In the countryside the population falls. There are several houses which are now empty along the 6km look I have been walking. I imagine that years ago a large family might have lived here. They might have sat together in the living/dining rooms during the long winter nights. Talking or listening to a radio and the news coming from Helsinki about the rest of the country and far away unknown countries.

Winter landscape in Niinikumpu / 1

Snowy landscape. Niinikumpu, Kitee (Eastern Finland)
Niinikumpu, Kitee (Eastern Finland)

There is a strange foggy weather which is not common in this part of Finland. I ma in Karelia. There is snow on the ground but the temperature is mild. The houses are far from each other here in the countryside. I walk the 6km of the loop around the hill and see only a few cars passing by. The days are short and nature is on pause until the early signs of spring in March.

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Temporale d’autunno – Autumn thunderstorm

Temporale d’autunno, Cremona 2019

Il clima sta cambiando e ce ne accorgiamo. Siamo a Cremona, nel nord d’Italia. È il 15 di Ottobre. Gli alberi sono verdi. La temperatura è di 21 gradi. È appena finito un temporale che sembrava un temporale estivo. La pioggia mi ha ricordato le piogge monsoniche che bagnavano di Dumaguete, nelle Filippine.

The climate is changing and we realize it. We are in Cremona, in the north of Italy. It’s October 15th. The trees are green. The temperature is 21 degrees. A thunderstorm just seemed like a summer storm. The rain reminded me of the monsoon rains of Dumaguete, in the Philippines.

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