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Mikä hyvää kuva on?

Tämä kuvia oli Time magazinassa vuonna 2015.


Kuva on protesteista Yhdysvalloissa, Baltimorissa. Ihmiset protestoivat vastaan poliisin väkivalta.

Tämä kuva en ole ammattilainen kuva. Mies protestoissa otti kuva pikkunen kameran vai puhelin kanssa. Hän oli kadulla, protestoissa, ja otti tämä kuva ja lähetti sen Instagramille.

Miksi tuo kuva meni Time Magazine coverissa?

Minun mielestäni se on koska se on hyvää kuva. Mutta, mikä hyvää kuva on?

Hyvää kuva ei tarvitsee täydellinen tarkennus, ei tarvitse täydellinen kuvan terävyys. Hyvää kuva on erilainen.

Eilen aloitin valokuvaus kurssi Tampereella. Oli ensimmäinen luokka ja opettaja  puhui noin hyvän kuvan ominaisuudet.

Minun mielestäni kuva Baltimorista on hyvää koska kun minä näin sen ensimmäistä kertaa minä pysäytettiin ja katsoin. Minulla oli reaktion. Kuvassa on pelko, draama, teho, konflikti. Nuori mies juokse pois, ja poliisi on lähellä. Tarkennus on poliisissa, ja nuori mies on vahan pois-tarkennus ja on vaarassa.

Kuvassa vaara ja me voimme ajatella mitä mitä tapahtuu seuraavaksi vai mitä voi tapahtua jos poliisi ottaa kiinni nuori mies.

Eilen, kun kurssin opettajaa kysyi me ajattelemme hyvää kuva, ensimmäinen kuva minä muistiin oli kuva protesteista Baltimoresta. Minun mielestäni on hyvää kuva.


My camera got stolen, but I do not stop taking photos

As @tedforbes says: take pictures with whatever camera you have. This is dedicates to the guy who broke into our house the other night and stole (among other things) my Olympus camera and four great lenses. You are not stopping me, I continue more then ever to take photos of the streets of Jakarta. Here the one I took with my iphone this morning at Halte Senayan! 

Halte Senayan, Jakarta

Mosque entrance 12/35 – 35 days 35 photos 35mm

35photos 35 days 35mm

Mosque entrance in Kemang Timur

It was nice to walk along Kemang Timur searching for furniture shops. We walked by the Masjid Nurul Huda and I asked the old man sitting at the entrance if I could take a picture of him and his friend. He smiled and said: ‘Boleh’ (You can). Tomorrow the Ramadan begins.

The pier

Togean - UnaUnaTogean - UnaUnaTogean - UnaUna

I took these photos last December when we travelled to the Togean archipealgo in the northern part of Sulawesi. We landed on a tiny island called Una Una with incredibly well preserved corals and stunning underwater visibility. I liked the pier near our basic resort and waited for people to walk on it.

Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

There is this small tailor shop nearby where I live in Jakarta. There are three tailors working in it. It is open in the early morning when I bike to work. It is still open when I bike back form work in the late afternoon. Sometimes, it is still open when I go to the supermarket to buy stuff we need for dinner. I do not know why, but the green colour of the walls, the fabric spread across the whole shop, the fluorescent neon lights, the fact that the shop is right on the street, they all remind me of Nepal.

Tailor Kemang Timur

Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

Tailor Kemang Timur

Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

Tailor Kemang Timur

Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

Tailor Kemang Timur

Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

Tailor Kemang Timur

Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

Tailor Kemang Timur

Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

One year of photoblogging

Just want to say thank you to you all for following my photoblog. A year ago a met by chance a professional American photographer, Ernie Brooks, while I was travelling with my family in North Sulawesi for the New Year. I asked him a bit about photography, about cameras, about lenses. One thing he told me is that for all his life he has been shooting only black and white. That is, he said, the true photography. So, last January, I decided to dedicate this year only to black and white. Once back in Jakarta I realised that every day on my way to work, I was walking the pedestrian bridge over Jalan Sudirman at the Senayan Transjakarta bus stop. I had been walking every day across that bridge without noticing anything important, besides the massive MRT building site below at street level. Once I decided to try to publish one photo every day from that spot, I started to see things. I noticed people. I noticed their expression, what they wear, how they walked, the street sellers, their products. I was blind before setting out to publish one black and white photo a day. I used a Nikon d5100 with a couple of fixed lenses 35mm 1.8 DX and 50mm 1.8 G . A few times I used a wide angle 12-24mm DX.  Thank you to Lemanshots for following almost every new post. Thank you to Thank you also to Pear and Bulb and

I kept going for 86 photos and then the summer came and we travelled to Europe.  I learned a great deal through those 86 photos: to improvise, to really see, to smile to people, and that most of the times they do not mind a stranger taking their picture.

This is one of the photos that has received most views:

Senayan Transjakarta station

Here a couple more:

Senayan Transjakarta station n.81

Senayan Transjakarta station n.84

During the summer somebody broke into our house in Jakarta and stole few lenses I had not take with me to Europe. Luckily they did not stole the hard disks with all the photos and back ups.

I was left with the 12-24mm DX and the 50mm 1.8 G. I thought a bit what to do and decided to sold camera and lenses and get into the Micro four-third field. I got an Olympus OMD 1 with a 12-40mm 2.8 and two fixed Olympus lenses 17mm 1.8 and 45mm 1.8. It took a bit to get used to a camera which is really a step up from the d5100 in terms of functions, dials, etc. I had to get used also to the electronic view finder but after few walk around in Jakarta I really like it. I like how light the whole system is and how easy is to move and walk around with 3 great lenses.

I started to explore Jakarta a it more. Took photos at Blok M, the grand  Istiqlal Mosque, Pasar Baru, Makassar. There is much more to explore in 2016. The most viewed photo ever on my flickr account was  taken few weeks ago with the my Olympus:

Jakarta Blok M

View on Flickr

And in 2016? I want to continue to explore black and white street and travel photography. Maybe I will post here and there some color street and travel photos.

Thank you for following my photoblog and with you all a nice holiday and a happy new year.

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