Author: Arnaldo Pellini



I walk the usual path in the Arboretum park lost in my thoughts. The trees on my left. The lake on my right. My dog pulls following some scents under a thin layer of snow. I can see the bend of the path about 100 meters ahead. I see the tree that has grown diagonally and not straight up. Maybe it was due to the winds or the soft soil at the edge of the […]

The words from within


It is summer. I am on holiday and spending time at our cottage in Eastern Finland. I am fixing things. Collecting branches. Pick up logs and doing piles to dry the firewood before the autumn. I listen to podcasts while working, and yesterday I stumbled upon a very moving interview on BBC’s The Documentary. It is a conversation between the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and the Australian songwriter, Nick Cave. Their conversation spoke to […]