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Lahti railway station

An unassuming railway station where the long distance trains which run north-south-north stop to let passengers catch the trains that run to the east. Now that it is winter, passengers seem unsure whether to wait for their next train on the platform or taking refuge, if only for few minutes, in the station building next to the ticket counters and the café.


Outside on the platform, people are waiting their next train wrapped in their thoughts. Some will soon be home. Others have a long way to go. All in that strange no-man zone which is a transit railway station.


London Underground n.9

London tube

I landed at Heathrow early morning and as usual took the Heathrow Express to Paddington. I always have liked the perspective, lines and curves of the Heathrow station.

London Underground n.6

London tube

Stockwell tube station. Interchange to get to Brixton. Trains pass through southbound as well as northbound. If you avoid the rush hour you can pause in a corridor,  wait for a train to pass by, and to capture its blurry motion.

London underground n.1

London tube

I was in London for a week in late June. The usual week I spend there before the summer holiday, catching up with the colleagues at the Overseas Development Institute. This year I wanted to pay attention to two things while in London:  1) interesting perspectives of the urban landscape ; 2) people in their daily life. This photo was taken at Heathrow while walking to the Heathrow Express underground station. I like the perspective and reflections.

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