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Some tree are gets white. Some remain green. Other lose their leaves. This is the winter.

Canopy, Ihamaniemi 2020

At least one photo a day

Fallen trees

Trees fall in the forest. Young trees as well. Sometime their roots cannot go deep enough due to stones and boulders. Sometime it is a storm that is too strong for them. Sometime the ground is too step. But even when they fall, they can survive as their rts find a way to get back into the ground and bring life back to the rest of the tree.

Fallen tree, Ihamaniemi 2020
Boulders, Ihamaniemi 2020
Crossing, Ihamaniemi 2020

At least one photo a day


Commercial forests means that you may see a pine and birch tree forest growing for many years and at one point machines come in an cut the trees leaving only few standing. It is a strange view when you get on top of a hill and you see some barren hills next to hills where the trees are growing. When an area is cut, they always leave few older trees standing which may shed seeds and help the regrowth. These lonely trees have always looked like survivors to me.

Hill tops, Ihamaniemi 2020
Survivors, Ihamaniemi 2020

At least one photo a day

Winter cottage

It has been snowing a lot during the last few days. The snow has brought silence in the forest. The wind has stopped blowing. There is an incredible peace if one stops for a moment to listen to the silence.

After the storm

There must have been a storm during the summer and this tree was maybe too old or to frail to stand it. It was like a rail crossing saying: ‘stop here, do not walk further in this forest. It is off limit for you!’

Finnish forest #1

Trees bottom up

I took this photo nearby our cottage in Eastern Finland. The trees are slim and light in the Nordic forest. You rarely see large, imposing trees. They are thin, not too close to each other and when the wind blows they move gently and you can hear noise from their trunk as if we would be on one of those old sailing ship travelling from Asia to Europe a couple of centuries ago transporting spices, minerals, etc.

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