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To the old primary school

These are few photos from the short walk to the old primary school in Niinikumpu (first picture at the top). The school has not been in use for many years as there are not enough children to attend it in the area. I think the school building has been sold to a family who now lives there.

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Winter walk around Niinikumpu

Here is the full series of the black and white photos from the walks around Niinikumpu in Kitee, Eastern Finland.

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Bye bye 2019

Last sunset of the year in Ihamaniemi (Enonkoski)

Last sunset of the year. The temperature is dropping quickly. The ice on the lake is thickening and the lake send strange sounds of bubbling water and ice cracking for long distances and with echos that travel the hills.

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I took these pictures during the walk around the hill of Niinikumpu. The electricity poles standing in the middle of snow covered fields seemed to stand in solitude against the winter.

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The tree line

Mi misi a camminare lungo la strada che gira attorno alla collina di Niinikumpu con lo sguardo rivolto al cielo. La nevicata era imminente, ma speravo che non mi sorprendesse a metà strada. Il cielo era di un grigio liscio e monotono. Sembrava che la neve si fosse accumulata tra le nubi e le avesse fatte scomparire. Alla prima svolta a sinistra decisi di proseguire. Se la nevicata fosse iniziata avrei affrettato il passo. Tanto sapevo che la sauna sarebbe stata pronta al mio ritorno e sarei riuscito a scaldarmi velocemente. Passai la casa di alcuni vicini che non avevo mai visto e dei quali non conoscevo il nome. Sulla sinistra la loro casa ad un piano di mattoni. Stonava con il vecchio garage di legno dipinto di rosso. A destra della strada la vecchia stalla che era inutilizzata da anni ed era in uno stato completo abbandono. Sapevo che non avevano mai avuto un cane, ma come sempre mi sentii sull’attenti come se da un momento all’altro potesse saltare fuori un muovo cane da guardia. Accelerai il passo verso il bosco di betulle.

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Winter landscape in Niinikumpu / 7

Farmhouse, Niinikumpu (Kitee)
Wooden barn, Niinikumpu (Kitee)
Birch trees, Niinikumpu (Kitee)

The weather is changing. It is getting colder. The forecast for after tomorrow gives heavy snow.

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Winter landscape in Niinikumpu / 4

Countryside road (Niinikumpu, Kitee)

The road goes in a circle for 6km. It touches birch forests and farm houses. It crosses small water streams which are now frozen. At times it seem the trees are making ways.

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Winter landscape in Niinikumpu / 3

Niinikumpu, Kitee (Eastern Finland)

The trees on top of the hill and the fog that surrounds them. The peacefull winter landscape.

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Winter wonderland series / 9

Over the knoll, 2019

The countryside in Eastern Finland, close to the border with Russia is more hilly than in the west of the country. There are these soft hills which resemble waves in the open sea. About 150 years ago this part of Finland was covered by forest and bug rocks. The farmers who settled here cleared the land one tree at a time, one rock at a time. Some of those rocks were used to build the foundation for the farmhouses. Hard work that in the winter had probably to stop to wait for the spring and the summer.

This is the last photograph fo this series. Next week I will start a new series of nine photographs from a different country. Different life stories.

Winter wonderland series / 8

The barn, 2019

The wind was blowing strong the day we took this walk. The radio and the weather apps where informing about this big snow storm coming which would touch more than half of Finland. People were advised to stay in for the night and the early hours of the following day. We had few hours of light and went for a walk in the countryside. The light was grey. The wind was carrying dry snow which made the air seems a bit foggy. It was not possible to take a tack sharp picture. The road followed the up and downs of the fields and its sides were one with the field nearby. The ditch that usually separates this road from the fields had disappeared under the snow. Then we saw this barn near a farm. People live here. Farmers own this land. I stopped for a second in the middle of the road. Listen to the wind. I thought about the life of those living here. How do these farmers cope with the long winter? How do they manage their farm and income? How far do their kids have to go to get to school? What do they think when they look outside the windows of their homes? I took this photograph as the cold wind from the east was taking my thoughts away with it. I put my hand in the pockets of my jacket to warm them and walked back to the cottage facing the wind.

Winter wonderland series / 7

Snow path, 2019

In winter there are the frozen lakes. The trees in the forest covered with snow. There is also the countryside where farmers live and where the life seems to pause during the winter. The are no birds. The is silence broken only by the winds and the noise of the snow under the shows when walking. It all seems very remote and distant as farmers wait for the spring when the winter will to let go and they can start again their work in the fields.

I will continue this series until I reach nine photographs and will then switch to a new series with new landscapes and context.

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