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Red shoes

Red shoes by Arnaldo Pellini
Red shoes, a photo by Arnaldo Pellini on Flickr.
Went for a bicycle ride around the lake of Canberra. On a pic-nic table nearby the shore saw this abandoned pair of red shoes. Seemed a setting of a movie or the beginning of a novel.

Branches and the blue sky

2012-12-08 Canberra 315 - Version 22012-12-08 Canberra 317 - Version 22012-12-08 Canberra 319 - Version 2

Branches and blue sky, a set on Flickr.

I had some time in Canberra on a Saturday morning. Decided to follow the advice of my colleagues and rented a bicycle to make the round of the artificial lake. It was sunny, blue sky. Dry heat, so different from the humid heat back home in the Philippines. Was a great two hours ride. Nice countryside. Saw this dried up tree on the shore of the lake. I liked the old grey barren branches and the contrast with the intense blue sky.

Clouds and sky

Nuvole e cielo by Arnaldo Pellini
Nuvole e cielo, a photo by Arnaldo Pellini on Flickr.
Nuvole e cielo, we say in Italian: clouds and sky. Was at Canberra airport waiting for my flight to Melbourne. It was mid afternoon and like the narrow strip of land at the horizon compared to the huge blue sky dotted with travelling clouds which disappeared far away under the horizon. They seemed touching on a transparent glass surface. I tune up the blues when I edited the photo.

Adelaide airport: Boarding

Boarding by Arnaldo Pellini
Boarding, a photo by Arnaldo Pellini on Flickr.
While waiting to board the flight to Melbourne I wandered around the transit area. I liked the morning light that was so good for black and white. Saw this man whom i imagined travelling all over the world, let’s say, 9 months a year. Business class traveller. Based in Hong Kong. Working in the financial sector. Looking forward to land in Melbourne for a week of meetings with bankers.

Adelaide airport: Listen to me!

Listen to me by Arnaldo Pellini
Listen to me, a photo by Arnaldo Pellini on Flickr.
I saw this with the side of my eye, in a glimpse. I turned and took the picture which is quite shaky, I know. Has a strange feeling when doing this. Seemed to me that the man was telling the boy “Listen to me!’. Maybe they were both tired of the long flight throughout the night or maybe he was just showing the eboy that a text message had arrived from mum back home. All my imagination.

Adelaide airport: Calling home II

Calling home by Arnaldo Pellini
Calling home, a photo by Arnaldo Pellini on Flickr.
An Asian young man walking around, talking with his smartphone back home while in transit in Adelaide. “Yes, mum, all ok here. We will be in transit for 50 minutes and then continue to Melbourne. The flight? Was fine, nice flight from Hong  Kong. Nice weather and many many movies in the TV system.’

Adelaide airport: Calling home

Calling home by Arnaldo Pellini
Calling home, a photo by Arnaldo Pellini on Flickr.
She was on my flight from Hong Kong and in transit to Melbourne. I imagine she is studying in at University of Melbourne, maybe architecture and modern design. Her smartphone was ringing and she was reaching into her bag while I took the picture. Somebody calling from home? Which home?

Adelaide airport: I am tired

I am tired by Arnaldo Pellini
I am tired, a photo by Arnaldo Pellini on Flickr.
I liked the modern style of these chairs in the airport in Adelaide. While taking the picture I saw in the corner a man holding a book and feeling very very tired. I like that he is just in the corn, almost our of the frame and unintentionally he made it into the picture.
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