Winter wonderland series / 4


There is this lake in Eastern Finland. It freezes in the early winter and stays frozen until the end of March. It is a large lake and when the winter starts and the temperature drops a thin layer of ice begins to form starting from the shorelines and moving slowly towards the center. Then it can snow and the thin layer of ice gets covered by a white mantle which hides how thick the ice really is. But this is a large lake. Water moves. There are streams and currents hidden under the ice. In the silence of the the winter one can easily hear the sudden sound of cracks or a strange noise as if huge bubbles would try to break and escape the hard ice surface that will cover them until the spring.

Overexposed landscape, 2019

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  1. It is beautiful. Similar weather was once when we visited Oulu and its beach Nallikari in winter. To see the where the ice ends and where the sky begins was hardly visible, only islands far away showed it.

    Arctic beach in Winter

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