Wedding on the sea


We received a wedding invitation last week. Whitney was getting married with Steve. Whitney we knew as she is been living in Dumaguete for a long time. Steve we did not and I was also unsure as to he was a Pilipino man or a Westerner. Names here not always help with making this (not so relevant) distinction here. The invitation was for 16:00 on Saturday at the St.Monica resort, 10 km north of Dumaguete. We got ready in time. There was no list where to choose the present from so Katja opted for a hand made glass jar. We wrapped it a bag from the design shop of MOMA which I brought with me last week, just to create a bit of confusion.

We arrived at the resort on time and found that food catering had just been delivered. We were early. Not many guest yet. Just few Australian volunteers and some Peace Corps. The most important thing is that after days of rain the sky turned to blue and sun was shining, starting its descent behind the volcano that towers over Dumaguete to the west.  White paper balloons were decorating the area of the tables for the guests. It ahs been nice to arrive early. Watching at the preparation. The soft sheets of cotton fabric gently blown by the sea breeze, a sense of expectation for what was starting in few minutes. The empty tables, with glasses and plates and the reggae band tuning their instruments.  We met even Steve, whom we though was the best man, fixing the last details with the staff from the resort

The ceremony took place next to the sea on soft green grass. Chairs were lined up on the side of a walkway done with ….. flowers. The pastor waiting in the middle or a round shaped area filled with flowers. He was there waiting with the Bible in his hand. White shirt.  Steve arrived and went next to him, waiting for Whitney. He had a light brown short with Pilipino embroidery, dark trousers, and flip flops. Whitney arrived accompanied by her father. A long white dress, barefoot on the soft grass, a small tattoo on her right foot.

The ceremony started. Whitney and Steve were standing, facing each other at times holding hands. They red from papers they had prepared for each others their demands to become husband and wife ‘…with all my imperfections….?’

The sun was setting. Whitney dog who was supposed to carry the rings but ran away with them. they chased him around for few minute and got hold of the rings. Then music started ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ and the couple walked away on dancing steps.

The party then started with an aperitif and then buffet of Pilipino food.  During the party I met two Italian living here in Dumaguete: Francesco and Oliviero. Discovered that we are four Italian residents here, enough to have some more aperitif on Rizal Boulevard of Dumaguete. There was nice music played by the band. The girls had a swim in the pool and the night was clear and warm.