Third Stop: Jyväskylä 1h 26m 22s


We are in Jyväskylä, the tow where Katja and me lived about 10 years ago. Before Olga came to us. We visit Katja grand mother and are here for two nights. I take the chance and go for a long run as I want to visit the area  where we used to live and Laajavuori and its intricate web of walking paths in the summer and cross country ski tracks in the winter.

I am never sure about visit a place where I used to live earlier on. Not only one realizes how fast time go, but at the time it is a bit like looking at images in a photo album where I am not really the same person I am now.

I leave from mummi home and follow the lake. Past behind the high rise Alvar Aalto designed about 50 years ago. The memory become clearer as I recognize the paths I used to run. Here is the the ice hockey ring where I played foot ball one summer and broke my right knee cruxiat ligament after an insane attempt to get an unreachable ball. I was operated in this town by Prof. Kiviranta who did a very good job. I am running smoothly and my right knee is strong.

I am on the other side of the lake . Climb up to Vioinmankatu where we used to live. Give just a glance to the block house and turn right to reach Laajavuori which is about 3 km away. We lived in small flat which seem so large in my memories. Our first home. My first real home after some years of student accommodations and temporary housing working in the Basque country and Cambodia.

I reach the hill of Laajavuori and enter the forest. Find it easy to follow the paths I used to run. I looked at the watch. I am already running 40 minutes. I know now it will be  along run to get back to mummo house.

I reach the top of the hill which in the winter is a down hill ski centre. I look west. Only forest. Hill after hill after hill. They look like green waves with touches of yellow on the top of the birch trees. I look east. The town Its white houses. The university campus divided by the lake.  A modern bridge linking the humanities on one side to the physics and the nuclear accelerator on the other side.

It is windy up here. Better to start running back climbing slowly down from this hill.