The words from within


It is summer. I am on holiday and spending time at our cottage in Eastern Finland. I am fixing things. Collecting branches. Pick up logs and doing piles to dry the firewood before the autumn.

I listen to podcasts while working, and yesterday I stumbled upon a very moving interview on BBC’s The Documentary.

It is a conversation between the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and the Australian songwriter, Nick Cave.

Their conversation spoke to me. It sparked something within me.

It spoke of the losses and grief they both have experienced.

It spoke of the struggles.

It spoke of the long way they needed to find peace of mind.

It spoke of acceptance.

It spoke of suffering.

It spoke of life.

It spoke of writing songs and finding ways to express ourselves.

It spoke of faith.

It spoke of the strength we all have to face our grief and turn it into energy to move forward.

It spoke of the courage to look within and move forward.

It spoke of the words from within.

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  1. Christine Bishop says

    Just listened to this honest and enlightening entry and found wisdom and peace! Thank you for posting! Enjoy your vacation!

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