The tower and the shell


Today for lunch up to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. 2 min to climb 80 floors and then another slower elevators for the last 6. It was warm and not too windy on the observatory and the view stunning. High rise, low rise, avenues, streets, yellow cabs like yellow ants crawling in search of food. People like dots crossing zebra crossings. A Lego town just at the feet of the tower.

Walking to look for a place to have lunch and seeing what only this town maybe can offer. Two Muslim workers who lay on the pavement at the side of the of the walkway their mosque prayer map, put on top of it a kind of compass that indicates where the Mecca is and go on their knees with hands talking up to the sky. Closed eyes reciting the Koran while life flows around them.  Yellow cabs, people on mobile phones, a police woman regulating the traffic.

Then the shell of the Guggenheim museum. Like the interior of a Nautilus shell and which climbs gently in the shape of a bowl. I walked in. Looked up to the spiral structure of the interiors and the paintings of the Kandinsky exhibition all disappeared. I walked slowly up, following the gentle slope. Hands behind my back. Glancing at the colorful painting hanging on the white wall but did not stop much. I was rather soaking the soft noise of people talking to each other about the paintings. Asking questions to the museum staff. People of all ages probably unsure as to whether focus on the museum architecture of the art within it. I walked up. Turned and walked down. At one point the large painting called ‘Several Circles’. Black background and several colorful circles of various sizes that resemble a complex web of planets. Colors that merges and take a different tone when the circles overlap.  A mother is taking with her son who may be 6-7 years old about the paining and is asking him what he thinks. He likes it and described the various colors he can see. I feel a pang inside my chest, I wish I had Olga and Venla here with me in this moment.