The middle of the summer

Street photography

It is summer—night time. The air is humid. It is warm. I cycle downtown. I try not to hurry too much, but I am a bit nervous. I turn left in Via Mercatello. I see the lights on at the bar at the corner. I recognise some people who stand on the sidewalk in front with a glass in their hands. I reach the end of the road, turn right and see the back of the cathedral. I get to the main square and slow down but do not stop. I make large loops on the cobblestones of the piazza. Then another one. I stop in front of the Bertazzola. One foot on the ground. The other is on the pedal. I see people standing outside the bar under the arches of the municipality. Young couples sit on the steps of the Cathedral not far from me. They whisper to each other. I feel the heat of the day which was trapped in the stones of the piazza and is now freeing itself. This is the middle of the summer.

Portal early 12th century, Cremona 2018

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