The life of others


In London. Only few days ago I was in NYC. High up at the 86th floor of the observatory of the Empire State Building. Looking down I already described in an earlier blog how the people walking down on the street were small. Just dots moving in slow motion crossing streets and avenues. Stopping at a red light. Passing zebra crossing. Stopping at shops and thinking whether or go in and buy that nice desk lamp.

NY labyrinth of streets  is relative simple. All parallel streets going from East to West, crossing long avenues which cut Manhattan from North to South.  People in the form of tiny dots walking along this labyrinth. Here is one crossing the street. Another turning around the corner. There is another who stops in front of what seems a shop seemingly waiting for somebody else.

All these dots have a clear path behind them. A path which led them up to this point in this very moment and which creates and intricate webs of people lives.  These lines intersect in many points. Sometime casually. Coming from different directions and meeting at a corner. Stopping for a moment and deciding to continue along the same way. Other times they just cross for an instant. These lines are others people lives and it is great to see this intricate web from above. 

In few minutes I will be walking down there. Creating my line and continuing it along the way. Maybe 6th Avenue, maybe 43th Street. Who knows. I still have to decide from up here which direction I will take.