The Great Buddha

Street photography

We enter the vast hall. It takes a few seconds to adjust the eyesight from the string sunlight to the hall’s shadows. It is like the Great Buddha statue emerges from the shadow, gaining details as the eyesight adjusts to the light inside the hall.

The first thing that emerges is the huge hand that points to the entrance. Then some the details fo the face and the peaceful expression.

The hand symbolises peace, benevolence, protection and defeat of fear.

People stand in front of the star. The hands are placed together, holding incense sticks. They pray with closed eyes and bow their heads.

I look at the people. Follow their movements. Look up to the Buddha. This is a special place. There is energy. There is peacefulness. There are the thoughts, feelings, and prayers of the many, many, many people who have come here for a moment for themselves and in themselves over a very long time.

I am happy to be here.