the cost of reaching our dreams


What is the cost we pay when we reach our dream? Is there a cost? What do we do once a dream has become reality and is part of the past?
A child is sitting in a dentist waiting room. He opens a magazines and reads that in NY they are planning to build the tallest buildings on earth: the World Trade Center.
Those towers do not exist yet, but his dream is  and will drive him for many years to come. Man on Wire is about finding and pursuing your dream, despite the odds. While often dreams cannot be reached alone, Man on Wire is also about friendship and the emotions ad fears that accompany the pursue of a dream. To me it is also about the changes and the pain that comes with reaching a dream, and thus start to write on a new page of our book of life. Reaching a dream can break friendship and love and make us move to a new direction. It is as simple as that, but I suspect when we live the dream we are not aware of it. Tags: ,,,,