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Happiness, Tampere 2023
Reading room, Tampere 2023

Extract: The Metso library was completed in 1986, and both Finnish and international tourists will surely find its unique architecture interesting. The building, designed by the architect couple Railiand Reima Pietilä, represents organic architecture and it resembles a courting wood grouse from above. (The name of the library, Metso, means “wood grouse” in Finnish.) The architectural artwork is designed down to the door handles. 

The main library Metso was renovated in 2015-2017. The renovation respected the original appearance of the building: Metso’s earthy colour palette and round design were preserved, and many original furniture was refurbished. At the same time, however, the facilities were adapted to meet today’s needs, such as organising events and urban office-style work. The number of book shelves was reduced in order to make the space seem more open, increase natural light and clarify passages. The architect for the basic renovation was Marko Suutarla (Arkkitehtitoimisto Forssi Oy).