Tampere streets 1/7

Street photography

After some time I went back to the city centre with my camera. I started in Pyynikki and walked towards the centre. My idea was to walk for 45 minutes. take photos and then select 14 photos that I will post over the next 7 days.

I did don’t pick a theme this time and ended up with a mix between buildings/architecture and people.

Here the first two photos

Grilli, Tampere 2023

I need to find out how many grilli are left in Tampere. I remember reading some time ago that they are now less than 10. They used to be the go-to place for an evening snack late at night, especially on weekends. This one in Pyynikki is still standing.

Lyset, Tampere 2023

Pyynikki is also where the main Lyseo (liceo / high school) of Tampere. An imposing building with a curved facade.