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Halte Senayan, Jakarta

Kopaja P 19


Kopaja P 19 on Jl Sudirman, Jakarta

For the last three years I have been cycling to work here in Jakarta. On my way to the office I have to walk across a pedestrian bridge over one of the stations of the Transjakarta bus line, Halte Senayan. A year or so ago I started to carry my camera and take photos from the bridge as well as under the bridge. Having the camera with me and taking photos every day has made me discover all what is going on here every day: the people commuting to work, the food sellers, the crowded minibuses Kopaja, the motorbikes drivers, the musicians, the workers at new Jakarta underground system. When I was walking pass Halte Senayan without my camera I missed most of that. I did not notice it. I was thinking about the day ahead, the meetings, the emails, etc. The pedestrian bridge and Halte Senayan was unremarkable, because I did not noticed all what is there. Having the camera with me was like opening my eyes to a place I am go through everyday, twice a day. Discovering it in a new way. Here some of the photos I have taken so far.


Convergence 24/35 – 35 days 35 photos 35mm

35 days 35 photos 35mm


The traffic never stops in the morning rush hour. Cars, busses, motorbikes seem all to converge to an invisible destination at the end the roads. They slow down to make space to eachother. Nobody gets angry.

Go-Jek 22/35 – 35 dasy 35 photos 35mm

35 days 35 photos 35mm


I left the office this afternoon and hit a very busy and traffic-jammed Jl. Sudirman. This bus appeared behind the Go-Jek driver (a smartphone app mototaxi) and I liked the three guys cheering the behind.

Rear wheel


My Brompton

Rear wheel

There has been an interesting experiment going on in Jakarta this week. The city administration has suspended temporarily the 3-in-1 rule whereby at peak traffic times cars, on some of the more critical roads of the city, have to carry a minimum of three passengers (including the driver). This rule has resulted so called  Jockeys, people who are passengers for hire, waiting on the side of the streets to be picked up as the third person. The 3-in-1 rule has only marginally reduced the traffic congestion. Relaxing the rule has therefore resulted (on average) in a marginal increase in the traffic congestions, although, speaking to friends, it seems that traffic on main arteries has worsened considerably, while  smaller alternative roads seem to be more free of traffic.

In the meantime, it would be great if there were more bicycles in the streets, more commuters cycling to work, more bicycle lanes protecting cyclists, more parking space for bicycles. That would really make a difference.


Senayan Transjakarta station n.85

Senayan Transjakarta station n.85

Thursday, 25.6.2015

Even if I have been taking photos for about six months in this place, I never saw this angle. Right at the middle of the overpass bridge there is ramp that goes down to almost the street level, where there are the gates where people press their electronic bus cards before jumping on the busses. Some people walk fast. Some walk slow. This evening I did not see people who were in a rush. It was good moment to get down to the floor level, focus near the tip of the lens and let all the rest blur. I used my dx kit lens, at 24mm. Nothing fancy.

Senayan Transjakarta station n. 83

Senayan Transjakarta station n.83Monday, 22.6.2015

There is a large building site next to the overpass I walk everyday to get to my office, at the Senayan Transjakarta station. A project started a year or so ago with to bring a mega MRT underground and overground train system to Jakarta. I spotted these two guys just inside the fence that separates the building site from an heavy traffic road, Jl. Sudirman. One seemed concentrated in putting together plans and design papers (for the MRT?). The other was checking his messages, maybe soon meeting friends as it was at the end of the afternoon.  On the inside of the fence, two guys and a quiet end-of-the working-day-moment. On the other side, hidden to them, the traffic jam of Jakarta rush hour.

Senayan Transjakarta station n.82

Senayan Transjakarta station n.82

Friday, 19.06.2015

End of the week. Many food vendors appear in the streets of Jakarta, outside office buildings, near the sunset time. They are there when people leave their desks and are ready to break the fasting of the Ramadhan. He is one of them and before selling food to people he sat and had a small meal himself breaking his own fasting.

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