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How is it to live in Finland?


I am back in Finland. I have been in Italy for three weeks. In my hometown, Cremona. It has been the longest I have been there for many years. A question that I was asked few times has been: how is it to live in Finland? We came back to Europe, and chose Finland, five years ago. That was June 2017. We chose Tampere over Helsinki because we lived here about 10 years earlier. It […]

Maybe it is because of ….

Street photography

Maybe it is because I am working with colleagues on the design of a research project that will apply a systems research framework to EdTech and education. Maybe it is because of the book I am reading: Steps to an Ecology of Mind by Gregory Bateson. Maybe it is because the days are getting longer here in Finland and when I am out in the early morning to walk our dog I notice the intricate patterns of the […]