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Back in Padova

I had to take a break from Padova. I travelled last week and did not have the street photos from Padova with me. This is where I left it last week. I am sitting on a marble bench in downtown Padova. I wanted to sit after having walked the whole morning. I sit and feel my back stretching. I sip some water from my flask. People walk around me. Some eat an icecream. Others are into their calls on their smartphones. Some seem to be in a hurry. Some walk slowly as if they are killing time. I take my camera out. Zoom to about 35mm and start taking taking photos of pedestrians walking past me.

Pedestrians, Padova 2019
Pedestrians, Padova 2019
Pedestrians, Padova 2019
Pedestrians, Padova 2019
Pedestrians, Padova 2019
Pedestrians, Padova 2019
Pedestrians, Padova 2019
Pedestrians, Padova 2019

At least one photo a day

Streets of Ferrara

Piazza, Ferrara 2019
Rotonda Foschini, Ferrara 2019
Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara 2019
Old town, Ferrara 2019
Old town, Ferrara 2019

Pindi Boys

Pindi Boys, Islamabad 2019

The Pindi Boys come from Rawalpindi, an old city 25km from the capital Islamabad. They drive their motorcycles to Islamabad just before sunset and do their tricks while taking videos on smartphones.

One photo a day


Carpenters, Ha Noi 2007

Il costo della manodopera rimane basso in Asia. Ma per quanto tempo durerà?

Labor costs remain low in Asia. But how long will it last?

One photo a day

The city is always on the move

City workshop, Ha Noi 2007

Lungo Kim Ma il traffico è sempre intenso. Un flusso constance to automobili, motorini, furgoni, e qualche bicicletta. Questa città è sempre in movimento. Milioni di veicoli che ogni giorno percorrono i boulevard, le strade, i vicoli. Sette giorni su sette. Dove vanno? Cosa trasportano? Come si muoveranno quando la popolazione di Ha Noi sarà doppia di quella di adesso?

Along Kim Ma the traffic is always intense. A constance to cars, mopeds, vans, and a few bikes. This city is always on the move. Millions of vehicles that travel the boulevards, streets and alleys every day. Seven days out of seven. Where are they going? What do they carry? How will they move when the population of Ha Noi will double?

One photo a day

The balcony

The balcony, Ha Noi 2008

Vivevamo vicino al vecchio compound diplomatico di Ha Noi. La sera mi piaceva uscire di casa appena prima di cena e andare a correre tra questi edifici a tre o quattro piani costruiti negli anni 60 e 70. Mi piaceva osservare le facciate di questi condomini. La luce della sera dalle finestre. I balconi degli appartamenti. Le famiglie che si apprestavano alla cena.

We lived near the old Ha Noi diplomatic compound. In the evening I liked leaving the house just before dinner and going for a run between these three and four-story buildings built in the 60s and 70s. I liked to look at the facades of these buildings. Evening lights from the windows. The balconies of the apartments. The families that were preparing for dinner.

One photo a day

In the province

Vietnam 2008

It was a rainy day. Gray clouds throughout the bus ride to the Southern province. It did not matter how far we left Ha Noi behind, the weather was not getting any better. At the same time, when we go there, there was this peaceful atmosphere typical of the provinces. Less motorbikes and cars in the streets. Just few bicycles and few people walking in the streets.

One photo a day


Levitation, Tampere 2019

I was at the bus stop and felt light. So light that I felt like levitating and floating over the group and managed a friend to take this photo.

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My old hometown

La Bertazzola, Cremona 2019

‘What do you think?’, I asked. We had been for more then five minutes in the old piazza and she had not said a word.

We had got here at the right time. The sun setting. The marble facade of the Cathedral turning to a light pink/brown tint.

We walk a bit in the square. She took a deep breath and said: “It is nice to be back.”

One photo a day


Sihanoukville is a seaside town in Cambodia known for its nice beaches. We travelled often to Sihanoukville when we lived in Cambodia. One day we walked pass a school yard where kids where having fun. 

Sihanoukville, 2003

The lamp post

I have been living in Southeast Asia for the last 15 years. Now I am back in Europe and it is lovely to feel the winter again here in Finland. With the first snow it was to take a walk along the path behind our house and capture the Nordic winter atmosphere. The photo is taken with the Panasonic G85, handheld.  The lens is the Panasonic Lumix 25mmm f1.7.


The small shop down the road

Every neighborough in Jakarta has these small shops down the road where one can run to and buy mobile phone credits (pulsa), a soft drink, the three in one powder mix to prepare a milk coffee. The shop in the photo is down our road. It is family run. Open from early morning to late evening seven days a week.

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