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My old hometown

Architecture / Street photography

‘What do you think?’, I asked. We had been for more then five minutes in the old piazza and she had not said a word. We had got here at the right time. The sun setting. The marble facade of the Cathedral turning to a light pink/brown tint. We walk a bit in the square. She took a deep breath and said: “It is nice to be back.” One photo a day

Il fiume Po


  In December I went back for few days to my hometown, Cremona. The weather was crisp and chilly. One afternoon, a friend asked me whether I wanted to go to the river Po and take some photos. The air was clear, the colours intense, the river was very dry and run slowly along its course. I liked the contrasts between the shadow and light areas of these photos and edited them all into black […]

The art of lithography


Lithography (from Greek lithos, “stone” + graphein, “to write”) is a method of printing originally based on the fundamental antipathy of oil and water. I took the photos at Mauriartegrafica a company in Cremona (Italy). You can find the gallery here.