summer 2010 – inflight


We just started our descento into Manila. Pressure is changing in the cabin. This the first leg of the long journey home, or better said to our homelands. We will fly tonight to Helsinki via Hong Kong, then after 10 days we will go to Italy. That will be the first time for Venla who is now 3 and 1/2 and the third time for Olga.
Olga has been worried about travelling to Italy. She is afraid that people will not understand her and that she will not understand them. I wonder whether I said the same when I was a child. I guess she is discovering that people speak different languages in different places. She knows Finnish and English well and I hope those few days in Italy will make her realize how much Italian she knows as well.
Discovering is starting for her.

Yesterday evening we counted the countries where she has been or has lived: 9 (most in SEA) while she is now 6. not bad for a young traveller. her sister catchin up quickly.

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