Stopping at Tiffany’s


Jet leg is annoying but allows also for surprises.  Leave at 6:00 from the Gershwin hotel. Turn the corner of 27th St and follow the 5th Av. up towards Central Park. It is still dark and it is easy to cross the street. Still little traffic. Some 24hrs coffee shop have lights on and no customer. Just very tired waiters. Continue up. Still looking up to high rising. Streets are also been clean with water hoses. I jump over them. 5th Av climbs a little bit up. I can now see the trees of Central Park. Still 4-5 blocks to go. Looked at my watch. I have been running just 14 minutes. Daylight is very close now. Red traffic light and traffic coming form the left. So I stop at this corner which looks strangely familiar. I look at the building on my right. Thick wall with small windows closed by a thin small golden curtain. I looked at the two windows. It is a shop but has not a large window. There there is the entrance door. Very thick metal. I Look up on top of it I read T-I-F-F-A- N-Y-‘-S. This is Tyffani’s corner. The doors are closed. The windows have just a dim light. Day light almost there. I can see a yellow cab parking just in front to the door and Audrey Hebburn appearing with a elegant dress, a cup of coffee in her left hand and a paper back with two bagels in her right hand.  She walk to the window. She looks tired but wants to have this first moment of the day for herself. She walks slowly. Sip the coffee and gives a couple of small bites to the bagles. She turns around the corner and throws the paper bag in the dust bin and walks away slowly and tired.
Traffic light turns green. I cross the street and head to Central Park at sunrise.