South of the Equator


First thing I check when in my room at the Cemara Hotel here in Jakarta is to check whether the water whirls clockwise or any clockwise when I pull the tap in the bathroom sink. This time I checked before leaving Ha Noi. Checked carefully in the kitchen sink and the whirl was definitely clockwise. I checked here in Jakarta, first time the water left to the pipes without any whirl (too much water or maybe too large tap). Try a second time, put some foam in the water to better detect small whirls. An undetectable whirls. I start to think that maybe next to the equator the water actually whirls, up to zero-whirls on the equator itself. Just stone heavy water disappearing into the pipes. Try a third time, just lift a little bit the tap. See small whirls disappearing into the thin tap. Something wrong, they are all clockwise! How is that? What is the physics behind this? Can anybody explain?