It is still light outside, even thought is past eight. Had a chicken tikka. Go for a walk towards the Thames. Find a small alley that brings to a tiny park behind the archbishop house. A signs says that the park was opened in 1901. Pater Gabriel sings Heroes, his voice just gets better as he gets solder.  A man sits alone on the a bench and reads a hardcover book. Red brick houses surround this tiny park. A man is changing the t-short near the football pitch. Kids play in the playground on the other side. I walk back. People sitting at wooden table on the pavements at a corner pub. A police car passes with blue lights on. The A380 from Singapore glides towards Heathrow. Under the bridge of Waterloo station a huge drink advertisement portraits Wayne Rooney who is ready for the World Cup. The circular Plaza Hotel is now ready. The Big Ben says it is 8:45. Two Indian guys talk in the middle of the bridge. One wears slippers. A group of tourists take pictures from the bridge and try to capture the Parliament. A woman takes a picture of a man in his early forties. Blue jeans. Nice shoes, a  blue cotton jumper. A sad expression in his face. A pub with a very large lamp as a sign. The peace camp next to Churchill  statue. Parliament street towards Whitehall. People waiting for the bus number 12. One man with trench coat and hat rests his elbow on a low grating, he seems tired of the day and too-warmly-dresses. Chinese tourists take picture at the gate at the entrance of Downing Street. A police man is on this side of the and jokes with three colleagues on the other side of the gate. American tourists try to get a glimpse of N. 10. They are in bad shape. At the Horse Guard a very young soldier is cleaning the shit left by the horses. He is in his army fatigue. A nasty commander in a black coat points where he had not managed to clean. He uses the brush also from the stick side. He has a embarrassed expression as many tourists pass by. I think, don’t worry. one day you will get this back. A group of eight men and women of people enters a theatre holding a bottle of white wine and plastic glasses. The three men all dressed in the same style: black shoes, jeans, shirt outside the trousers. Trafalgar square, the National Gallery is still open. A very long white limousine passes with drunk girls shouting from the windows. Nelson sailing boats rests in the huge bottle closed by a cork that must be almost a meter in diameter. The sails of the boat are really as they said: colorful and representing world cultures. A man with a black hat points the bottle to the young girls at his side. People sit under Nelson column and watch the time go by. The Korean cultural centre advertises a Buddha exhibit which will start in a couple of day. Charring Cross bridge is almost empty. A drunk young boy, oversized and with jeans that are falling from his bottom tries to keep up with his more sober friend who tells him to keep up. Italian tourists take pictures of the London Eye. A Eastern European couple walks hand in hand towards me. The field at the London Eye has very short grass. In a group of youngsters sharing drinks and sitting on the grass I notice a girls. She is on her knees opening a bottle. Very blond hairs, almost white. Very white skin and red lipstick that shines out and seems a drop of blood on a white bed sheet. An Indian guy take a picture with his mobile phone. People in group. People alone, walking , sitting. A loud Greek restaurant and the the waiter of a nearby Chinese one having a rest and smoking a cigarette his shoulder resting on a wall.  Three drunk homeless waiting at a bus stop. One looks to me, red nose and cheeks. His expression foggy. The Indian fruits and vegetable shop open 7 days a week until 11pm.  All of a sudden I feel the urge to travel in this country,  from one hostel to the next, up north to Scotland to win my fears. The corner pub I passed earlier. Less people at the wooden tables. The sky yet not dark, the last snapshots of a London walk on a Friday night. Tags: ,,