Silence, it is night


A soft summer wind outside shakes the huge mango trees and the palms in our garden. It is past midnight and I cannot remember last time I have been so late up working on a paper and writing now in this blog. Headphones throwing ambient music from my iTune radio. Familiar sounds that accompany my home based work. For a second a felt like being back at the university, more precisely in Glasgow. Working on the research at night and listening to the summer wind outside the half open window. Back late that evening and before entering my block, looking at all those windows of individual students rooms like a giant bee nest. Life stories and youth going on and me being one of them. One of those students and those room’s was Katja’s but we did not know back then. Now we are here, more than ten years later living in Dumaguete, our two daughter sleeping softly under their mosquito nets.

Buona notte, questa musica e’ per voi