Senayan Transjakarta station n. 83

Street photography

Senayan Transjakarta station n.83Monday, 22.6.2015

There is a large building site next to the overpass I walk everyday to get to my office, at the Senayan Transjakarta station. A project started a year or so ago with to bring a mega MRT underground and overground train system to Jakarta. I spotted these two guys just inside the fence that separates the building site from an heavy traffic road, Jl. Sudirman. One seemed concentrated in putting together plans and design papers (for the MRT?). The other was checking his messages, maybe soon meeting friends as it was at the end of the afternoon.  On the inside of the fence, two guys and a quiet end-of-the working-day-moment. On the other side, hidden to them, the traffic jam of Jakarta rush hour.