Senayan Transjakarta station n. 26

Street photography

Senayan Transjakarta station

Friday, 20.2.2015

End of week six of one-photo-a-day at the Senayan bus stop along the Transjakarta bus route on Jl Sudirman in Jakarta. I did not think I could come so far. There are a few no-photo days due to the fact that I am either out of Jakarta or it is a holiday. Like yesterday, the Chinese New Year. I do not take photos on weekends as I try to stay away from the office! Six weeks. 26 photos. Before I started this project this bus station, this bridge and overpass where the same everyday. Metal. Vendors. People. Busses arriving and dropping passengers. Rainy days. Sunny days. Since I started with this project I have noticed so many more angles of this place. How vibrant it is. How it transforms day after day. To notice it I had just to look into the viewfinder of my camera. It is as simple as that. Hope you enjoy it.