Today I received an email from a friend from Finland. It was a forwarded message that found its way until my PC here in Kampong Thom, Cambodia click after click, along a strange and unforeseeable sequence of connections. It had an attachment a picture of a young child, of two year of age who has lost his parents in the Tsunami that hit Thailand almost two weeks ago. He has a Scandinavian face, blond hairs, almost white, blue eyes. scratches in the face, a bandage around his right had. he looks down, not in the camera. It made a strong impression on me, it is like the effect of thee disaster that hit this part of the world has reached also this place, has become all of a sudden more real that the news and picture we can see in TV.
The boy is just two years old, he does not speak and in the hospital they do not even know from which country he is from. Hopefully the message and the next forward of the email will help to find at least some relatives of him. Let’s hope.


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  1. The email sure has been around… Luckily, Hannes has since been reunited with his father, here’s the story by CNN.

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