Peaceful countryside

Countryside, Kitee, Finland 2023

The path to the forest is covered by new snow. The steps from people who walked past have disappeared.

I make my way with the fresh snow reaching my knee. It is nice to start a new path that other people may follow until the next big snowfall.

The dog follows me. He avoids the snow in front which is too deep for him. I throw him some snowballs along the steps we have left behind. He runs in small jumps to reach where the snowball has fallen. He dives into the snow head and sniffs what is already melting.

I call him. I tell him he is a ‘good boy’. He looks up at me with approval.

We keep walking. On either side of the path the forest is silent. No wind. Not a sound when we stop walking.

Nature is asleep while it resists the winter months.