Nostalgia of Argentina.


How can I feel nostalgia for a country I have never visited? And yet, that is how I feel.

Some ingredients help of course: the never satisfied enough need to see new places and observe how people live, the need for new landscapes, the nervous excitement that precede the exit from the airport of an unknown city. The most important ingredient, however, remains music. Music makes you travel ahead of time, make you jump from one corner of the world to another, makes you imagine places you have not yet been through the lens of wishes, memories, and life. I am listening to Pampa by Gustavo Santaolalla and dream of Argentina, the huge landscapes of Patagonia, the long distances on buses and trains, the barren landscapes for summer trekking, reach small towns and pueblos and look for an accommodation in the late afternoon. Alone or together. I have never been there but something in this music tells me a familiar story, a Southern story that I seem to know but wish now to discover and live.