My Workspace


I’ve been ask a couple of times to share my work space, so here is a little post to show you how or better where I work and what things are important to me while working.

Since I spend a lot of time on my computer and work desk (my mum would say too much…) I try to make my work space as inspirational an comfortable as possible. So I love to have light colors and some creative things around me, like a notebook, inspirational design magazines, post cards and pictures and drawing materials (pencils, a notebook etc.).

My computer is a 15′ Mac Book Pro and I always use a laptop stand (this one is called Griffin Elevator and I take the stand even with my while traveling), since I find it sooo much more comfortable for my neck. I use a wireless mouse and keyboard and my headset also has to be close by, since I need music to concentrate, especially if I work on theme code.

A Wall of Inspirations — During our first trip to Japan last year (here are some pictures on Flickr) I picked up a lot of beautiful post cards and I just hung them up on the wall after coming home. In Japan we found so many beautiful inspirations for our work that the images always remind me of the time we spend strolling around Tokyo, Ōsaka and Kyōto, visiting art galleries, local little shops and cafés.

The big sea horse reminds me of our time in New Zealand staying for two month in a little cottage right on a remote beach in Northland (here are some pictures of our New Zealand trip in 2012). We picked up a stranded sea horse one time after a big storm and tried to save it. It was the first time I saw a living sea horse.

My favorite mug — I love to have a comforting hot drink while working, so my favorite mug is never far away from me. I try to drink green, chai or other herbal tea as much as I can and sometimes switch to coffee or matcha tea as a little highlight of the day.

Endless to-do lists — I have to admit that I love to write to-do lists and I always have some crazy looking list of stuff to do in my note book somewhere on my desk. And, yes, I actually use the lists and mark things of, but I think sticking to online lists like Trello (which I use for managing projects, too) would probably be more efficient. But somehow I love my messy hand-written to-do lists and it feels good to take a big marker and mark things of as done 🙂