Morning rituals


Every morning I put Olga on the back seat of my bicycle and bring her to the kindergarten which is just behind our block. I struggle with the traffic and get onto the gate of the school. Get Olga down form her seat, unfasten her helmet, unfasten mine. Get her on my lap and start to walk her to her class at the end of the corridor. Passing in front of the other classrooms we both watch the children inside. Mostly Vietnamese, some foreigner. Vietnamese teachers talking in English in this private school. At each door there is a poster or a drawing of an animal and every morning we make the rehearsal of the dog: bau! bau!, the cow: muu! muu!, the cat: miao! miao! and son on. We reach the classroom and her teacher, Miss Huong, comes to greet her: how are you Olga? How arte you today? You are good girls? Now after three months we are here on Hanoi, this morning ritual goes smoothly and Olga awards also a smile to miss Huong. It took time. Now she is picking up English, continues to improve her Finnish and keeps up with Italian. She got used to the new system of teaching and the new language quickly, but certainly it was not easy for her. I thin part of the reason why things are better is because of our morning ritual and those drawings that tell us good morning every day. Let’s see how it is tomorrow morning.

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  1. Suosdei, Arnaldo.I am Zarah, Katja and I worked in Mlup Baitong before. I stumbled upon your blog today. Olga is growing up to be a multi-lingual kid! How is baby Venla? Please send my regards to Katja.

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