It is getting cold not that the sun has set. I need to get down to the lake and fetch some water for the sauna. I need to get the shovel to break the thin layer of ice that has formed during the day. I get the rubber boots and put them on. Gloves. The ice is not too thick but thick enough that I need to hit it few times before going through. I filled the buckets and start to walk back to the cottage. I can smell the firewood in the air. The sauna maybe needs 10-15 more minutes and it is then ready at the right temperature. Before walking up I turn to the lake. I can see the ice surface covered by snow. Silence. No wind. I look up. I see the tiny flashing lights of an plane flying high up and east, maybe Asia. The sound of the engines reaches me mid-way up towards the cottage.

Ihamaniemi, Finland 2020

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