Mi fido di te


I listen in my earphones this Italian song. Outside the windows the roofs of Hanoi. Ten of thousands of houses and homes with their daily lives, their happiness and their sadnesses. Lorenzo, in the meantime he is singing his ‘Mi fido di te’, and yet yesterday his life changed and is now missing, all of a sudden, such a big part of it. Yet his song tells a story of some years ago and I wonder what was in his mind and his life at that time when he sat down to write those words. When he was in the recording studio checking this songs, making changes, trying different melodies. That unexpected and unphantomable element of life called future was already there, though unknown to him. A point it time that you get slowly closer to. Like a station that is far and that will take time for the train to reach but that ultimately will not be missed. Lorenzo, thsi song is for you!