Lambeth South, Costa Café


it 7:20. The blue sky is covered by clouds tjis morning. The Costa Coffee has opened just 20 minutes ago. I am one of the first customers. Two men and a woman work here, dressed in modern-coffee-place-style uniforms. The two men speak a language I do not know. We are all foreigners in this place. The woman has black hairs with some red dye in it. I sit at the table I have been sitting for breakfast during the last few days. I am at the large window and can see the entrance of the tube station. A man enters the coffee opening the door with a deep sigh. He has a bag on his left shoulder. I saw him the first morning I was here. It was rainy. I wore a blue suit and was walking in front of the door while finishing a cigarette. He has now more classic clothes. A tweed jacket on a thick cotton shirt. He orders as last time a coffee to take away. Most of the people do so. Nobody seems to have time to sit down and sip their coffee. I look outside the window and see cars and bycicles rushing to work. Few joggers wearing headphones and a rucksack with their office clothes. Next weekend there is the London marathon and they are getting ready for it. People exit from the tube stations at regulat intervals. Some wear winter clothes, others spring clothes, apparently Undicided as to what the weather will bring today.

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Location:Lambeth, London