Justin night in Hong Kong.


Transfer in Hong Kong. I walk towards T2 and take the train to the Asia Expo from where I can walk to The Marriott Hotel. It is ten in the evening and the Expo should be quiet, but there is excitement in the air. A group of 14 or 15 years girls pass me running. It is Justin night here in Hong Kong. Bieber is playing, or rather singing, in the main auditorium. I pass in front of the doors and can hear the teenagers’ cheers inside the hall. I see young mothers mothers who look even younger tonight walking in with they daughters. I see fathers with bored expressions sitting alone at the bars tables and sipping beer while waiting their kids to come out from the concert. Bieber was in Manila the other night, will I meet him in Phnom Penh where I am directed? I doubt it.
I check in at the hotel. An Indian mother with her daughter is asking for a room. The girl the reception says that the hotel is full. No more rooms, sorry. Another girls has Justin written with a marker all over her legs. She is almost asleep in in an armchair in the lobby. The tour continues.