Pyhäjärvi, Tampere (Finland) 2023

I walk the usual path in the Arboretum park lost in my thoughts. The trees on my left. The lake on my right. My dog pulls following some scents under a thin layer of snow.

I can see the bend of the path about 100 meters ahead. I see the tree that has grown diagonally and not straight up. Maybe it was due to the winds or the soft soil at the edge of the water.

i see a person coming from the other direction and walking fast to that old tree. It is close to the sunset and the day is gray. From a distance I can see it is a young person, probably a man.

He walks to the tree and sits on the snow underneath it. He is facing the lake and holds his harms around his knees.

I walked there and he sat watching the lake in the twilight.

I get closer and I am now on the path behind him. He has a certain determination, sitting and looking at the lake as if he really wanted to get to this spot to think over something.

I took this photo while walking by. When I changed it to black and white the snow seemed to change into sand. This reminded me of a warmer time of the year and warmer far away places I have been.