Hidden statue 8/35 – 35 days 35 photos 35mm

Street photography
35photos 35 days 35mm

Hidden statue

I cycle pass this tiny piece of green playground in Dharmanwangsa every day (for the past 2 years) and have never seen this hidden statue. Today I saw it with the corner of my eye maybe in a subliminal search for the new photo to post today. I cycled pass, turned back and took my camera to take the photo. It is really amazing to realise how many things we do not see in our daily life. And then when we look for a new angle and  a new perspective for a photo we just start to see more. I am sure I have seen this many times before while cycling by, but this hidden statue never imprinted in my memory. I am glad I saw it today. It reminds me of art from Papua or, vaguely, Easter Island. Something from far away.