Guesthouses and ipads

I am in Bali with Katja, Olga and Venla. More exactly we are in Kuta, south of the provincial capital Denpasar. This is a backpacking trip. We travel with out rucksacks, stay and hostels and guesthouses. The first one is The Island Bay guesthouse. Nice open restaurant/cafè. Great pizzas. A small pool in the yard where the rooms are. There are dorms. There are single room with a large bunker bed that can easily accomodate four people.  At the restaurant in the evening, young travellers chill out accompained with lounge music. What surprised me is that today gap year or around-the-world backpackers are travelling with ipads, iphone, MacBook Air, MacBook Pros. All of them while they share sit at the lounge tables and share information about countries, hostels, and experiences, they keep an eye on their devices. The music that floats around the restaurant is interrupted by the Samsung Galaxy ping of an incoming text message, the ping of an iPhone chat message.  Several conversation going on at the same time, between people in different countries and continents. A new way of traveling? Maybe.