From Osaka to Nara

Street photography

I will continue to stay in Japan this coming week. We were there in August 2011. I go through those images on my computer. I select the ones I want to share. I edit them to black and white.

Sometimes I am in doubt. Should I keep the original image’s colour or change it back and white? My memories are in colour. They accompany the sound of people talking to each other. The cicadas were hidden in the trees and singing in the heat of the summer.

Is it ok to mix colour photographs with black and white ones?

This week: I am moving from Osaka to Nara: the city of temples.

Wikipedia says: “Nara is the capital city of Nara Prefecture. It is the sixth-largest city in the  Kansai region. Nara was the capital of Japan during the Nara period from 710 to 794 as the seat of the Emperor before the capital was moved to Kyoto.”

Local railway, Nara 2011
Ferrovia locale, Nara 2011