First Stop Niinikumpu


After 14 hours by plane and 5 hours by train for me to reach the red wooden house on the top of the Niinikumpu hill is always a special moment. We always arrive by car from the railway station which is about 10 km away. We enter the garden through two very old and high pine trees and see the house front door of the house. It more than 10 years now that I come here but it is always a special moment especially after such a long trip as from Asia. The only similar moment I can recall now is the first sip of a cold beer after a a very long track in the woods. Camping and wearing the same clothes for days. Washing in ice cold streams. reaching the destination and open a cold beer. The fist sip the one with the best taste. The same for me is to reach Niinikumpu. Then and there I leave work and all the rest behind me. Some pictures of Niinikumpu can be found below in the Finland Out of Focus.