Dumaguete: coming home?


Kookoo's Sunset

Coming home? Maybe. It is school break in Jakarta and we decided to come back to Dumaguete for a week. This is a coming home for my daughters who have this city inside them. They arrived here when they were five and three and left with us four and half years later to move to Jakarta.

All is familiar here. The small size of the city. The sea touching the Boulevard downtown. The Hayahay restaurant with it wonderful grilled fish. The Kookoo’ s Nest resort 10km on a rural road frorm Zamboanguita and from where I am writing.

All is home and travelling on the pedicab to get to downtown really feels like we have not left this city. As my daughter said to me this morning,  it feel more like we have bene traveling for a year or so and we are now back home. We have left friends here. Friends whom we can only see if we come back as they will not be able to come to visit us oversea.

My memories of living here are a bit more fuzzy then the ones of my family. I worked from home while living here and travelled in Southeast Asia and Australia for work. A couple of times to Eastern Africa. In a way I could not establish the links that a project and working with a team allows to establish. Yet, they were four and half yeas of my life and they matter.

Let’s enjoy this week and catch up with the people who lived close with us for all those years.


Kookoo’s Nest, Zamboanguita, 15/10/2014