Night. Alone in my room in Dar es Salaam. Had nice dinner in the best Indian restaurant of the continent. Silence. The hooming of the a/c. Talk to myself. My mind in circles having conversations. My voice. The reply. The reply to the reply. Seeing myself running slowly at Oyster Bay at the sunset. Waves of the Indian Ocean. Philippines are in that direction. Silence. Only my voice talking to myself. I did not Skype home tonight and maybe the girls really wanted to talk to me. Again those voices, the conversation I am having in my mind and which I will bring into my dreams. What did I discover today? Anything new, also not necessarily useful? There is a underknown game park about three hours by car from here. Not famous as it is too close to Dar. The lodge where one can stay is very close a pond where elephants come to drink. Something to show to my girls.
I also discovered that somebody else has made a discovery but does not really know about what. Same with me, not sure yet what the real discovery will be.