Street photography

I did not know whether to continue with this project, posting at least one photo a day on this blog. The coronavirus news are quite distressing and I was asking myself whether it makes sense to continue posting photos of places where I am travelling or where I travelled in the past. Earlier this morning, It did not seem something useful spending time on.

I live in Finland and I am following very closely how things are developing in Cremona, my hometown in Northern Italy which has been at the centre of this epidemic since its earlier stages. I remembered the photos I have taken over the years when going back to visit my family and friends.

So, I decided that what I am going to do over the next days or weeks is to look into my photos and search for the ones from Cremona, edit them into black and white, and post them here.

I do not know if I will have something to say every day. Anyways, this is for me a way for me to feel that connection with the city I was born as I follow the latest developments.

Cremona 2018
Cremona 2018
Cremona 2018
Cremona 2018

At least one photo a day


  1. Excellent response! I think it’s important to be aware of what’s happening around us, but also find ways to stay creative and connect the past with the present.

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