So here we are. This is warm and humid Colombo. We thought to have left the moonson behind us in Cambodia, but here it is again. I am writing from the home of a friend, Denis, whom we know from Phnom Penh. He has recently moved here with his wife Olga to work on peacebulding issues a sector which is quite relevant in this country. Our Olga is sleeping upstairs. A long morning nap after the flight from Bangkok of yesterday night. We had a short walk this morning to see what is around this house and I had this nice feeling of deja vu. Reports about Colombo are usually not nice and tourist tend to spend here as little time as possible before heading to the coast or the hills. To me it seemed to be back in Kathmandu (without the views of the mountain of course). Old and noisy busses run in the streets, tuktuk (also called three-wheelers) approach the side of the road to ask your destination and are ready for the negotiation of the price. It is noisy and bustling here, but not so crowded and people have a gentle approach to us tourists.
This is the other nice feeling: the three of us are now tourists as most of the foreigners on this island in these Christmas and New Year holiday. We travel on local means of transport and started to read variuous guidebooks in order to decide without rush our itinerary for the next 28 days: Kandy, Ella, Galle, and other nice places.