Central Park is not far


Woke up again at 5:30. So I waited a bit and put then my running gear. Wanted to run up to Central Aprk. It is very easy to find direction.  So out from hotel, pass 6th Av, reach 7th Av passing by the Empire State Building. Then down to the park, passing the lights of Times Square. Seems a bit like being in one of the movies where I have seen all these places. But no, this is for real. It is me running along these streets. Looking up at the top of the skyscrapers.

I reached the park where daylight broke. So many people where already there either running or cycling. Nobody knew me, I did not know anybody. Just people together running each one with the mind in own thoughts. I followed a path where people were running and reached a lake. Not sure it is the main one or one of many. Took the jogging paths that in 20 easy minutes runs around it. Soft surface. At some points body guards and a group Latin American people in jogging gears, among them catching up his breath after a run, Evo Morales the Bolivian President who is here for the General UN Assembly.

I continue the path. Look at my left towards the lake. On the other side of the lake, the green of trees and above them the old high rising built maybe 100 years ago. the sun rising west, painting the windows in gold. Amazing. I slowed down in a kind of emotional state. It is not easy to run and at the same time feel tears and emotions.

So I kept running. Reached the entrance. Climbed up 6th Av. Tomorrow again, Central Park after all is not far.