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Cremona old town



Il Duomo

Il Duomo

Le due colonne

Le due colonne

Il Torrazzo

Il Torrazzo




Caffè Tubino

Caffè Tubino

The old center of Cremona on a December afternoon. All photos taken with iPhone Se and edited with Snapseeds.

Lahti railway station

An unassuming railway station where the long distance trains which run north-south-north stop to let passengers catch the trains that run to the east. Now that it is winter, passengers seem unsure whether to wait for their next train on the platform or taking refuge, if only for few minutes, in the station building next to the ticket counters and the café.


Outside on the platform, people are waiting their next train wrapped in their thoughts. Some will soon be home. Others have a long way to go. All in that strange no-man zone which is a transit railway station.


Winter cottage

It has been snowing a lot during the last few days. The snow has brought silence in the forest. The wind has stopped blowing. There is an incredible peace if one stops for a moment to listen to the silence.

Go-Jek 22/35 – 35 dasy 35 photos 35mm

35 days 35 photos 35mm


I left the office this afternoon and hit a very busy and traffic-jammed Jl. Sudirman. This bus appeared behind the Go-Jek driver (a smartphone app mototaxi) and I liked the three guys cheering the behind.

32 snapshots from a trip by train across Europe

Today is my birthday and I wanted to make a present to myself by publishing 32 snapshots I took during the Inter Rail tip I did last July with my family. It is not true that Inter Rail can be done only when you are in your twenties Travelling by train again after a long time spent in Southeast Asia  has been a bit like going back in time and re-discover how diverse, interesting, and full of surprises Europe is. Catching trains, booking youth hostels, packing the rucksack has been a great and fun way to travel with my family. I am now back in Jakarta ready for another interesting year living and working in Indonesia.

What do you see in this picture?

What do you see in this picture. You can respond by adding a comment below or sending me an email:


TransJakarta is the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Jakarta. It was the first BRT system in Southern and Southeast Asia and it was inspired by the TransMilenio in Bogotà. TransJakarta began operations on January 25, 2004 and has now 12 lines. It carries around 310,000 passengers per day but it can do better than that.
I took these photos at various stations and bridges of the TransJakarta network, mainly in Line 1 along Jl Sudirman. To be continued …..

Violin station in Jakarta

Violin station in Jakarta by Arnaldo Pellini
I took the Transjakarta bus N1 to Blok M yesterday night. While I was walking up the ramp to reach the ticket counter heard the music played by a violin. Nice classical tune played over the Jakarta traffic. It almost cancelled it. Violin station in Jakarta, a photo by Arnaldo Pellini on Flickr.
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